Clean Energy for Vukovar

The promotional video guides you through the key moments of the "Clean Energy for Vukovar" project. Meet the people behind the initiative, explore our vision of a sustainable future, and discover how we've shaped the path towards a brighter tomorrow together.

The "Clean Energy for Vukovar" project has been successfully completed, with all planned activities concluded successfully.

With sounds of satisfaction and optimism, the final conference of the "Clean Energy for Vukovar" project was held on April 22, 2024, aimed at summarizing achievements, sharing experiences, and planning future steps.

A significant guest appearance recently took place on Hrvatski radio Vukovar, capturing the attention of the public to provide updates on the "Clean Energy for Vukovar" project.

As part of the project, all planned activities are successfully being completed.

On March 19, 2024, a workshop for the 'Clean Energy for Vukovar' project was held in the City Council Chamber of the City of Vukovar.

The conceptual oil and mining project, in a summarized form, describes the activities of drilling and testing of the exploratory well Vukovar GT-1.

The Environmental Impact Assessment for the exploratory well Vukovar GT-1 is designed based on the conceptual oil and mining project with the aim of confirming the acceptability of the applied drilling and testing technologies at the future location.

The conceptual construction project for obtaining a location permit for the drilling work area of the exploratory well Vukovar GT-1 is a prerequisite for obtaining the location permit.

Promotion and Visibility of the Project